2nd of december 2018

International show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mrs Viera Vítkova (SK)


Sim-Son’s Gemma

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


1st of december 2018

Poodle Speciality in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mr Jean-Francois Vanaken (BE)


Sim-Son’s Glow in Black „Gordon”

exc.1, CAC, Best of Breed!

(2 years old)


 Sim-Son’s Gemma

exc.1, CAC


26-27-28 of october 2018

3xInternational show in Bratislava, Slovakia

judges: Kirsi Sainio (FI), Ondres Dudás (SK), Lucia Sládekova (SK)


 Sim-Son’s Gemma

1st day: CAC-r.CACIB, 2-3rd day: 2xCAC



19th of october 2018

International show in Komárom, Hungary

judge: Mr Tamás Jakkel (H)


Sim-Son’s Glow in Black „Gordon

exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr”

exc.1, CAC


29-30th of september 2018

2xInternational show in Tulln, Austria

judges: 1st day Steven Seymour (GB), 2nd day Leehy Packer (IL)


 Sim-Son’s Gemma

1st day: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

2nd day: exc.1, CAC


19-20th of may 2018

CACIB and speciality shows in Szilvásvárad, Hungary

Judges: Rainer Jacobs (D), Francesco Cochetti (I), Suzana Verstovsek-Matakovic (HR)


Sim-Son’s GazelleGyda became new CHAMPION OF HUNGARY!!

With the three shows with 3 CAC titles

Also got once best of breed, clubwinner and an other CACIB title. So great! Congrats, Jenny!

(almost 1,5 years old)


13rd of may 2018

International dog show in Rennes, France

Judge: Ms Jeannette Seltz Halter


Sim-son's Espressa „Emma”

exc. CAC & CACIB & BOS


(4 years old)


8th of april 2018

International show in Salzburg, Austria

Judge: Mr Andreas Schemel


Sim-Son’s GazelleGyda

CACIB & BOS – best female in breed

Finished the Junior Champion title of Austria

Congratulations, Jenny!


10th of march 2018

International show in Pécs, Hungary

Judge: Mr István Csík (H)


Sim-Son’s Gustave „Guszti” first time int he showring!

He is a beloved family dog in short clip but a really very nice one.

Got junior CC (HPJ) and BOS titles!!

Thanks to the judge, Mr István Csík!

Also many thanks to Guszti’s handler & groomer, Andrea Csirke!

And not at least congratulations to the onwers! :)


My Gordon boy

 Sim-Son’s Glow in Black – 13 months old