5-6th of December 2015

Double International show in Wels, Austria

judges: Jolanda Nagler (IL) & Galina Kalinichenko (UA)


Congratulations to the happy owner, Silvie Hosnedlová and to the professional handler, Denise Thorn!!

Their beautiful Contessa Victoria Anarchia „Tora” was both days #1 best female!!

exc.1, CAC & CACIB & BOS

Also has finished the AUSTRIAN CHAMPION title!!

Tora is 2,5 years old


15th of November 2015

International show in Karlsruhe, Germany

judge: Mrs. Andrea Ernst (D)


 Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Best of Breed


Dahab is almost 4 years old


14th of November 2015

Eurodogshow – International show in Kortrijk, Belgium

judge: Mr. Mikael Nilson (S)


Thank you dear friends!! And also many thanks to the judge, Mr. Nilson!!

You made me very happy and proud, congratulations to the wonderful results!!!

… three miniature females from my kennel became the first three best females in breed!!!


1st best bitch – BOS & Junior BOB

Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie” (17 months old)

groomer & handler: Magdaléna Nováková

owners: Dagmar Francová & Magdaléne Nováková


 Sim-Son’s Dahab (almost 4 years old)

2nd best bitch – CAC & CACIB

owner & groomer & handler: Magdaléna Nováková


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” (17 months old)

3rd best bitch – CAC & r.CACIB

owner & groomer & handler: Hanna Mahmoud (FI)


I also would like to say congrats to our dear friend, Ilse Vermeiren!!

Carbon Oliver Anarchia „Oli” (2,5 years old)

2nd best male in breed – CAC & r.CACIB

breeder: Magdaléna Nováková


8th of November 2015

International show in Bleiswijk, Netherland

judge: Mrs. Gunilla Skallman (S)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” got her second CACIB!!

She was #2 best female in breed with r.CAC

Congratulations, dear Hanna!!

(almost 17 months old)


25th of October 2015

International show in Leuven, Belgium

judge: Mrs. Tanya Ahlman Stockmari (FI)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” got her 3rd belgian CAC in age of 16 months

and placed as 2# best female in breed with res.CACIB title

CACIB female competition


25th of October 2015

International show in Bratislava, Slovakia

judge: Mr. Igor Selimovic (HR)


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” finished as #1 best female with CACIB title

… and from now she is INTERCHAMPION!!!

Congratulations Lenka & Magda!! :)

Attila-Laki Black Joktan & Curly Carly Anarchia


4th of October 2015

International show in Charleroi, Belgium

judge: Mr. Cassandre Mattera (F)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” became CAC & CACIB & BEST OF BREED!! In age of 15 months!

Wonderful result Hanna, congratulations!!!


2-3-4th of October 2015

Speciality & Double International show in Arad, Romania

speciality judge: Mr. Roberto Schill (RO)

1st day CACIB judge: Mr. Paolo Tartaro (IT) & group judge: Mr. Vilmos Kardos (H)

2nd day CACIB judge: Mr. István Csík (D)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

CAC and Best of Breed at the speciality

CAC & CACIB & Best of Breed on the 1st day CACIB show!!

Also got the „Transylvanien winner” title and became CHAMPION OF ROMANIA!!!

And finally but not at least GROUPWINNER of the show!!!! In age of 15 months!!

(15 months old)


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

CAC & CACIB & BOS winner on the 2nd day show

Charlie is from now new GRANDCHAMPION OF ROMANIA!!

(2 years & 4 months old)


26-27th of September 2015

National show in Budapest and in Kecskemét, Hungary

judges: Mr. Grzegorz Robak (PL) & Mr. Ferenc Gröschl (HU)


Sim-Son’s Darshan „Duska”

both days exc.1, CAC titles

Congratulations to the owner, Veronika Bojtor!! Great job really!!

(3,5 years old)


26th of September 2015

International show in Maastricht, Netherland

judge: Mr. Boris Spoljaric (HR)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

exc.1, CAJC, r.CAC (2nd best female)



20th of September 2015

Poodle Speciality in Nivel, Belgium

judge: Mr. Bruno Nodalli (IT)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” got her first CAC and became best female

BOS (among white-black-brown)

This is so good, congratulations Hanna!! ;-)


20th of September 2015

National show in Brno, Czech Republic


The professional handler, Anna Nováková and her beautiful poodle, Sim-Son’s Anarchia

(Archie is almost 9 years old)

… and finally they became first in the junior handling competition!

Congratulations to all of you, Anna & Magda!!


29th of August 2015

International show in Luxemburg

judge: Mr. Jean-Francois Vanaken (B)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

exc.1, CAJC, Benelux Junior Winner, best junior bitch, best brown bitch

Emma won in competition, we are so happy!! Many thanks to the judge for all nice words!!!


Emma 14 months old


15th of August 2015

International show in Innsbruck, Austria

judge: Mrs. Vija Klucniece (LV)


Curly Carly Anarhia „Charlie”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Best female in breed!

2 years old Charlie & BOB winner Nutlee First Impression


8th of August 2015

Speciality and Regional show in Kladno, Czech Republic

Speciality judge: Mrs. Larissa Postolova (RUS)

Judge at the regional show: Mrs. Libuse Ubrová (CZ)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie” had a great day. Thanks for the very nice comments to the judge, Larissa Postolova!!

Elsa was Best of breed, Best female of the show and finally #3 BEST IN SHOW poodle!!!


At the regional show #2 JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!



13-14th of June 2015

Speciality and World Dog Show in Milano, Italy

Please take a lot at my GALLERYSITE where you can find many new photos of our poodles from this italian trip.

In the Sunday breeders group competition the Anarchia group was shortlisted among the best 10!!!

Bright Claire & Contessa Victoria & Carbon Oliver & Curly Carly Anarchia


7th of June 2015

National show in Lommel, Belgium

judge: Mrs. Daniela Radu (RO)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

exc.1, Junior CC and Best Junior in breed!!!

Also finished the Belgian Junior Champion title!!!


Million congrats to the happy owner, Hanna Mahmoud!!! :)

Emma – 1 year old


30th of May 2015

Speciality show in Kolesa, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Hana Ahrens (A)


Mother and daugther finished one-one champion title...


Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” – new veteran champion of Czech Republic!

Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” – new champion of Czech Republic!


The happy owner, Magdaléna Nováková won the „best puppy clip” with Charlie…

… and Anna Nováková became the best junior hanler of the show with Archie!!

Congrats to all great results, you are genious!! :)

Archie & Clara


1-2-3rd of May 2015

Budapest Show Marathon – 3xCACIB & poodle speciality shows in Budapest, Hungary


judges: Igor Vyguzov (RUS), Katalin Radvánszky (H), Erika Homonnai (A), Adam Ostrowski (PL)


We have entered for of our black miniature females…

… The youngest lady, Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsa” became the most successful among them:

During the first two days she got 3xHPJ so achieved the HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION title!

She was chosen as the Best Junior in the breed and later the BEST JUNIOR DOG of the 9th GROUP of the 2nd day CACIB SHOW!!!

At the speciality she had a fantastic success – BEST OF BREED & #1 JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW & res.BEST IN SHOW!!!



Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” has started her champion title in Hunary with CAC & clubwinner titles.


 Sim-Son’s Dahab was 2xCAC & CACIB-BOS & r.CACIB winner of this weekend.


Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” CAC-CACIB-BOS winner of the 3rd day CACIB show.


26th of April 2015

International show in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Edita Králová (SK)


Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” BEST FEMALE – BOS in her age of 8,5 years!!!


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” – CAC & CACIB winner


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie” – Junior winner


4-5th of April 2015

Double International shows in Goes, Netherland

1st day judge: Mr. Laurent Heinesche (LU)

2nd day judge: Mr. H. Stockmari (FI)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” was chosen BEST FEMALE on the first day!!

Second day she finished with the Junior CC title

Congratulations Hanna!! :)

Emma 9,5 months old


28th of February & 1st of March 2015

The beautiful daughter and her amazing mother at the same weekend…


Two wonderful poodles from us…


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie” & Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”


clipped by Magdaléna Nováková in Prague      clipped by Szimóna Ulrich in Budapest


see more wonderful pictures of them at my gallery site…


Our little beauty 7 months old

Grooming by Magdaléna Nováková

Photo by Dagmar Francová

Love this girl so much!

Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

(25th of January 2015)


25th of January 2015

International show in Mouscron, Belgium

breed judge: Ms. Vermeire

puppy BIS judge: Mr. Roser (F)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

„very promising” puppy, best puppy in breed


I am so happy with you, dear Hanna!! Congratulations!!!


4th of January 2015

National show in Brno, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Petra Plisková Ulrichová (SK)


Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” first time in veteran class!!

exc.1, CAC & Best veteran in breed

2nd place in the junior handling competition with Anna Nováková!!!

8 years old


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsa” first time in the show ring!!

 - got an excellent description with „very promising” title

! shortlisted in the Puppy Best in Show !

6,5 months old

Big thanks to Magdaléna and Anna Nováková for their professional presentation of these two lovely girls!!!

- Grandmother Archie and her little granddaughter Elsa -