15th of november 2014

Eurodogshow in Kortrijk, Belgium

judge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (BE)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab


Carbon Oliver Anarchia

exc.1, Junior CC, Junior Best of Breed

Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

„very promising” in baby class

Congratulations to all happy owners, to Hanna, Ilse and Magda!!!! :) :) :)


2nd of November 2014

International show in Prague, Czech Republic

Judge: Mrs. Tamara Sarmant (BY)

In a huge competition Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” got CACIB & BEST OF BREED!!! :) :) :)


1st of November 2014

International show in Prague, Czech Republic

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” became new GRANDCHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC!

Among many entries the ANARCHIA breeders group was placed FIRST!!

Million congrats Magda!!!! :) And thanks for Clarinka! ;-)

Charlie & Clara & Tora


24th of October 2014

Speciality show before the EDS in Prostejov, Czech Republic

judges: Diane Degryse (BE), Javior Blanco (E), Tarmo Viirtela (FI)


Carbon Oliver Anarchia exc.3. in junior class

Curly Carly Anarchia exc.1, CAJC, #2 best junior female of the show!!

Contessa Victoria Anarchia exc.2. in intermediate class

 Sim-Son’s Dahab exc.2. in open class

Bright Claire Anarchia exc.1. in champion class, CAC, #3 best black female of the show!!


Oliver & Charlie & Tora & Clara

Also little Elsa joined as at the show:

 Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black – 4 months old


17-18-19. October 2014

Speciality and double International show in Arad, Romania


speciality: ?

CACIB 1st day: ?

CACIB 2nd day & group: Jacobs Rainer (DE)

Sunday Junior BIS judge: Mr. Roberto Schill (RO)


 Sim-Son’s Dahab was shown only on Sunday

She achieved the ROMANIAN GRANDCHAMPION title and was placed as #3 Best in Group!!!


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

1st day CAC, BOB and #3 Best in Show speciality

2nd day CACIB and BOS and so she became CHAMPION OF ROMANIA!

3rd day from junior class Junior BOB and in the final All breed #1Junior BIS winner!!!


Congratulations Magda to each result!!! :)


27-28. September 2014

Speciality and International show in Tulln, Austria

judge on speciality: Mrs. Lorena Meratti (I)

judge on CACIB: Mr. Mikael Nilsson (S)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab became on both days #1best female!!

She also has finished the AUSTRIAN CHAMPION title!


After the puppies Clara was in the ring again. She just did it like before in excellent condition.

We are pleased for the great judgement by Mr. Mikael Nilsson. A strict but kind and smilley judge who enjoys and knows well the breed.

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB (2nd best female after Sim-Son’s Dahab)


Two beautiful daughters of Sim-Son’s Anarchia participated as well:

Contessa Victoria Anarchia „Tora” in intermediate class got 2xCAC during the weekend

Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” got 2xJugendbeste on these two days. She also finished the AUSTRIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION title.


The youngest member of our team, Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsa” joined us too on Sunday.

She was first time at the show among so many dogs.

She is wonderful, no strangers, absolutely okay and without any previuos practising so professional in the ring.


It was a great weekend! ;-)


31. August 2014

International show in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic


Anna Nováková and Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” got the first place again!!

Junior handling competition, first category


23. August 2014

International show in Leipzig, Germany

judge: Mr. Rolf Eggerking (D)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

German winner’14


10. August 2014

World Dog Show Helsinki, Finland


 Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc. 4. in the class in a huge competition

(among 9 open bitches)


20. June 2014

National show in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Anna Nováková as usual 1st in the junior handling competition again. ;-)

The doggy partner not esle than Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie”

Congratulations again and again! :)

(Archie is 7,5 years old)


28. June 2014

International show in Genk, Belgium

judge: Mrs. Gabriela Veiga (PT)

group judge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (BE)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab had a fantastic success, we are sooo happy! :)

She became CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed!


Congratulations Magda! :) :) :)


22. June 2014

International show in Brno, Czech Republic

judge: Mr. Anatoli Zhuk (BY)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab BEST FEMALE (CACIB-BOS) in a huge competition!

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” in junior handling competition with Anna Nováková, the 1st place again!!!! :)


31. May & 1. June 2014


Sim-Son’s Cálvin „Gubanc” & Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo”

(4,5 years old & 5,5 years old)

Million thanks for the perfect care to their super owners!!!


30-31. May & 1. June 2014

National show in Senec and double International show in Nitra, Slovakia

During this weekend Sim-Son’s Dahab became INTERCHAMPION and Grandchampion of Slovakia!!!

Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” is a new Junior Champion of Slovakia!!!

Congratulations to all, dear Magda!!


Dahab & Charlie


4. May 2014

International show in Monaco

judge: Mr. Roberto Schill (RO)

 Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed


4. May 2014

International show in Prague, Czech Republic

Anna Nováková had an amazing success again.

She was placed 1st in junior handling competition!!!

Her doggy partner was of course a poodle, not else than Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie”!!!

Congratulations Anicka! :)



3. May 2014

Speciality show in Prague, Czech Republic

judge: Mr. Stefan Wächter (D)

Contessa Victoria Anarchia „Tora” became

#1BIS Junior female!!! (among 8 bitches)

#4 Best in Show!

She is only 11 months old…

Congratulations to the owners, Silvie Hosnedlová and Denise Thorn!!!


29-30. March 2014.

National and International show in Berlin, Germany


 Sim-Son’s Dahab had a great success during this weekend!

First day under the breed specialist, Mr. Stefan Wächter, D

she became BEST OF BREED in a huge competition among many top winner miniature poodles!!!

On the second day she was BEST FEMALE! (judge: Mrs. Andrea Ernst, D)

So it means 2xCAC VDH+VDP, 1xCACIB, 1xBOS, 1xBOB


Congrats dear Magda, you were SUPER!! ;-)


22-23. February 2014.

Double International show in Brno, Czech Republic


We had an amazing time here with lot of fun and successes!

Million thanks for the great company to Magda, David, Anicka and to many other poodle friends!!!


First day we showed Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Best of Breed

Reserve Best in Group!!

judge: Mr. Roberto Schill (RO)


Second time in the show ring Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

Got a perfect description with „very promising”

She is such a sweet girl, always happy with all people. I could be her happy handler, thank you Magda! ;-)


In the afternoon Anna Nováková became the first among 32 junior handlers!!!!!

Her dog was now our Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” :-)


Second day we showed Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

I love this girl, she is always perfect, never does any mistake, patient, calm and so powerful on move…

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Congratulations to the beautiful BOB winner „Sean” and to his kind owner, Romana Kania!!

BOS & BOB Shining Sun s Tsvetochnoi Poljany

judge: Mr. Jean-Francois Vanaken (BE)


… and Contessa Victoria Anarchia „Tora” in puppy class

„very promising” too with nice comments from the judge Mr. Jean-Francois Vanaken.

Thanks to the specialist judge for the nice words!! :) We are very happy with each result!


Anna Nováková did it again in the afternoon competition!!

Among 24 junior handlers on the second place

Clara and Anicka


January 2014.

Sim-Son’s Dahab has finished two national champioships!!


Dahab is almost 2 years old

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” is back after her second litter!

Currently she is supporting  in the junior handling competitions. ;)

Anicka Nováková and Archie (7 years old)