9-10th of December 2017

Double International show in Nitra, Slovakia

judge 1st day: Mr Christian Jouanchicot (F)

judge 2nd day: Mrs Monika Blaha (A)


Sim-Son’s Gemma was so great in the ring. First day I got the chance to be her handler, she got BOS in competition!

On the second day she ended as best junior and finished her junior champion title.

Congratulations to the owners, Ildikó and Roland!!

Gemma is from now Junior Champion of Slovakia!!

(12 months old)


2-3rd of December 2017

National show in Karlsruhe, Germany

judges: 1st day Mrs Andrea Ernst, 2nd day  Mrs Linda Reinelt-Gebauer


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda”

both days she got:

 CAC VDP, CAC VDH, best junior female, JBOB

(12 months old)


My big love, Gordon

One really special dog

10 months old - Sim-Son’s Glow in Black – 8th of October 2017


7th of October 2017

National show in Karcag, Hungary

judge: Mr Ferenc Gröschl (H)


Sim-Son’s Gavotte „Voce” first time int he ring…

… he got Junior CC & Best of Breed titles!

(10 months old)


30th of September & 1st of October 2017

Double International show in Tulln, Austria

1st day judge: Mr Klaus Strack (D)

Sim- Son's Gazelle „Gyda”
JCAC, Jugendbeste

2nd Bundessieger day judge: Monika Halmi (H)

Sim-Son's Gazelle „Gyda”
JCAC, Bundesjugendsieger


17th of September 2017

beauty day for Sim-Son’s Dahab

… clipping by Magdaléna Nováková

5,5 years old


16th of September 2017

International show in Nitra, Slovakia

judge: Mrs Linda Volariková (SK)


 Sim-Son’s Gemma first time as a junior

Got an excellent description and her first CAJC title

... also got the chance to take part in the junior best in group competition

9 months old


2nd of September 2017

International show in Luxemburg

judge: Mrs Lisbeth Mach (CH)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda”

very promising & best puppy in breed

almost 9 months old


25th of August 2017

Sim-Son’s Gavotte „Voce”

Came to me for another grooming

8,5 months old


20th of August 2017

Speciality show (VDP)Estenfeld, Germany

judge: Mrs. Birgit Bischoff (D)


Sim-Son’s Glow in Black „Gordon”

Was shown for the first and last time in puppy class.

 The judge did a fantastic job, was so kind and explained all her decisions, thanks for such experience!

Gordon got „very promising puppy” title  and #1 BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!

8 months old


9th of July 2017

National show (DPK) Halle/Saale, Germany

judge: Mrs. Renata Smyckova (CZ)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda”

Got another very promisin title

And finished her first champion – „Puppy Champion VDP”

7 months old


25th of June 2017

National show (DPK) in Eisenach, Germany

judge: Mrs Liane Kubbe (D)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda”

#1 Puppy Best in Show!


22nd of June 2017

Sim-Son’s Gavotte „Voce”

Grooming by me

6,5 months old


18th of June 2017

National show (VDP) Karlsruhe, Germany

judge: Mr Stefan Wächter (D)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda” very promising puppy

#3 puppy BIS

6 months old


3rd of June 2017

International show in Nitra, Slovakia

judge: Mrs Iveta Vojtekova (SK)


Sim-Son’s Gemma still as a baby

„very promising” and took part in the baby BIS


2nd of June 2017

brother Gordon & sister Gemma

Sim-Son’s Glow in Black & Gemma 6 months old


28th of May 2017

CAC (DPK) Frankfurt, Germany

judge: Mrs Doris Dodo Carpanzo (DE)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda” continued her show life

With an excellent critic she was „very promising” baby again

5,5 months old


20th of May 2017

Double national show in Pápa, Hungary

judges: Mrs Dayna Johnston & Mr Mark Johnston (AUS)


Many thanks to the very kind breed specialist judges for their nice comments about our babies!


At the morning show Sim-Son’s Glow in Black „Gordon” attended the show

At the afternoon show Sim-Son’s Gemma made her debut in the ring. She won in competition and did an excellent job.

I am so pleased for her first success with her wonderful owner, Ilidkó Pócs.

Both our babies got the the title „very promising”/classwinners

5 months old Gordon & Gemma


29th of April 2017

Speciality show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mr Stephen Wheeler (AUS)


My sweet boy, Sim-Son’s Glow in Black „Gordon” stepped first time into the ring and made very proud his breeder/owner/handler.

Became not only the #1 best baby of the show, also got the price #1 best hungarian breeded poodle of the show!!

(4,5 months old)


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr” as always was perfect in the ring

Ended with Best of Breed and #2 brown poodle of the show!!

(1,5 years old)


23rd of April 2017

Speciality show in Ilmenau, Germany

judge: Mrs Janett Ehlerding (DE)


Sim-Son’s Gazelle „Gyda” first time at the show,

She did a lovely and easy job in the ring and ended as #2 best baby of the show!

Congratulations and many thanks to her kind and skillful owner, Jenny Starke!!

4,5 months old


23rd of April 2017

Beautiful brothers, Benczúr & Gordon


 Sim-Son’s Faraon & Glow in Black

1,5 years old & 4,5 months old


16th of April 2017

International show in Prague, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen (DK)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

#1 Best female in breed – with CAC & CACIB & BOS titles

… and also accomplished the conditions of CZECH CHAMPION!!


At this time her professional handler was Anna Nováková


breeder: Szimona Ulrich

owners: Dagmar Francová & Magdaléna Nováková

grooming: Romana Kania

final grooming: Jana Svobodová


16-17-18 of February 2017

Two International and a speciality show in Budapest, Hungary


1st day CACIB: Mr. David A. Alexander (US)

2nd day CACIB: Mr. Martin Baskaran (E)

3rd day speciality: Mrs. Szilvia Gróf (H)


Congratulations to Magdaléna Nováková with his youngster,

Egoist Press Anarchia „Ego” was all three days Best of Breed,

At the speciality also #2 best junior in show!!

With the three days Junior CC he is new JUNIOR CHAMPION OF HUNGARY!

(9,5 months old)


Our handsome brown boy, Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr” did a wonderful job at the spciality.

CC & Best of Breed and in the BIS among the best 6 in a huge competition.

I felt he had deserved a placement, but unfortunately not…

(16 hónapos)


14-15th of January 2017

Double International show in Nitra, Slovakia

1st day judge: Mrs Edita Králová (SK), 2nd day judge: Mr Oleg Fintora (SK)


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

2xCAC, 1xr.CACIB, 1xCACIB, Best of Breed on second day!



Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsa”

2xCAC, 1xCACIB, 1xBest female in breed on first day!



8th of January 2017

International show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mrs. Ramuné Kazlauskaité (LT)


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr” became „the most successful poodle of the day”

Junior CC, Best of Breed and shortlisted among the best five in the group!



groomed & handled by Szimóna Ulrich

15 months old