11. December 2010.

7,5 weeks old puppies in kennel Anarchia after

EUW’08, Intch-Multich. Bazaar’s Starring Moravia


Intch-Multich. Sim-Son’s Anarchia

Million thanks to Jana Vavrouskova for this beautiful first grooming! ;-)


Brave Jeremy Anarchia


Bright Claire Anarchia


Brilliant Audrey Anarchia


Panni became 8 years old!

She is happy in her old good condition and still looks lovely

Intch-Multich, BIG&SBIS winner

Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate

(More pictures here)


13. november 2010.

Poodle excursion in the springlike autumn

We got know about Francy (San-Jo-Le’s Francesca) that she is a full-blooded water hunter :-)


30. october 2010.

New pictures of Sim-Son’s Cádiz

More here

9 months


23. october 2010.


Sim-Son’s Cádiz

Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni”

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy


19. october 2010.

PUPPIES WERE BORN at kennel Anarchia!!! :) :) :)

1 boy and 2 girls, all black

more infos here


17-18. September 2010.

Sim-Son’s Cádiz – 8 months old

more pictures here


11. september 2010.

International show in Osijek, Croatia

Judge: Daniela Radu (RO)

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy



Congratulations to our friend!

Edison from Golden Regia CACIB & BOB (Breeder/Owner: Adrienne Szabó)


7. august 2010.

Sim-Son’s Cálvin „Gubanc” visited us. Thanks to his family to give him all this perfect care and love!!



6. July 2010.

Sim-Son’s Cádiz is 5,5 months old

more here


26. June 2010.

World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark

Judge: Mr. Philip John, India

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy was in huge competition

(by the catalogue 18 bitches, 16 participants)

excellent 3. !!!!


5. June 2010.

40th year Anniversary poodle speciality show of the Slovakian Poodle Club

Judge: Mr. Jean-Francois Vanaken from Belgium

Sim-Son’s Cádiz

Very promising baby& #1BABY BEST IN SHOW!!

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy

Exc. 1, CAC, clubwinner (best black adult miniature female)



Thank you Mr. Vanaken for all nice words about my dogs!

Many thanks to the Slovakian Poodle Club for this really well organised show with thousend presents!!


1. June 2010.

Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo

1,5 years old


Zozo lives in Slovakia. At the present hismain project” is to be a perfect therapy dog. :-)

Million thank to his owner, Katarína for the excellent care and love!!!


16. May 2010.

International show in Subotica, Serbia

Judge: Mrs. Zdena Jílkova (CZ)

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy


Sim-Son’s Cádiz

Very promising baby

Such unpleasent show with terrible weathercold, heavy rain and wind, not a springy time.

The whole show was done within 3,5 hours. Never to have such experiences. Flippantly judging and a very simple BIS. :(


9. May 2010.

All breeds national show in Salgótarján, Hungary

Breed judge: Mr. Levente Miklós (H)

Baby BIS judge: Mr. János Török(H)

Group judge: Mr. Ferenc Gröschl (H)

BIS judge: Mr. Sándor Szabó (H)

 Sim-Son’s Cádiz made his debut in age of 3,5 months and with a professional work achieved a good start in the big show life.

He became BABY BEST IN SHOW 3. place!!!

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancyalso did a perfect job, ended the title of Hungarian Champion and was BIS 3. place!


Many thanks to all four judges who have chosen us to be among the bests!

(More pictures in the own sites of Cádiz and Francy)


1. May 2010.

Poodle speciality show in Prague

Judge: Mr. Enrique Filippini (Argentina)


Mr. Mikael Nilson (Sweden)

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie became club winner 2010. – best adult black miniature female

2nd best miniature female of the show


25. April 2010.

Excursion withpoodle friends

Many thanks to the organisers for the nice day at this this wonderful place!

On the excursion took part about 25 poodles. Everybody freely in the woods. All sizes, puppies and older dogs as well.

Also thanks for the little presents to my poodles. Panni who was the oldest poodle on that day and Cádiz who was the youngest one. :-)


11. April 2010.

CACIB Wieselburg (Austria)

Judge: Katalin Radvánszky (Hungary)

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy




9. April 2010.

Sim-Son’s Cálvin „Gubanc” has moved to new owners.

I wish to Gubanc and his very kind new family all the best and happines in the doglife!


27. March 2010.

New photos of our two beautiful boys

9 week &  2 days old


Sim-Son’s Cálvin

Sim-Son’s Cádiz


27. February 2010.

CACIB Zagreb (Croatia)

Judge: Mr. Robert Lamont (Ireland)

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy



6. February 2010.

CACIB Brno (Czech Republic)

Judge: Mr. Francesco Cochetti

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy

Exc. 1, CAC, r.CACIB

Francy has her first championship – CZECH CHAMPION!!!

(With the next titles: CAC-CACIB-BOB by Mr. Teixeira Luís Pinto, CAC-BOS by Mr. Carlos Fernandez Renaul, CAC-BOB by Mr. Pertold Beterburs, CAC-r.CACIB by Mr. Francesco Cochetti.)


21. January 2010.

Puppies were born – 2 black males

more infos here


16. January 2010.

CACIB Nürnberg, Germany

Judge: Mr. István Csík, Hungary

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie got CAC & r.CACIB, she is now CHAMPION OF GERMANY!!

Magda, big-big Congratulations!!!!!

Archie is champion of 6 european countries and also interchampion!!!


10. January 2010.

CAC Olomouc, Czech Republic

Judge: Mr. Bertold Peterburs, Germany

San-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy

Exc. 1, CAC, nationl winner – #1 best female in white/black/brown colour

Best of Breed


(Unfortunately we couldn’t take part in the Best in Show. Because of the unpleasent weather we had to go home earlier.)