Our sweet poodles during december month…

Archie & Clara & and their lovely family :)

Francy & Panni


10. December 2011.

Speciality Show (KPaCHP) in Prague, Czechia

Judge: Mr. Otakar Vondrous (CZ)

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc.1, Junior Club CC

#1 Best Junior Female of the Show

#3 Best in show in colours and varieties!!!

Clara is now Junior Champion of Czech Poodle Club – KPaCHP!


3. December 2011.

International Show in Wels, Austria

Judge: Mr. Robert Blümel (A)

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

In competition won the junior class!

exc.1, Jugendbeste, Junior BOB (white/black/brown)


26. november 2011.

Speciality show in Prague (KCHP), Czech Republic

Judge: Mrs. Tatjana Novotná (CZ)

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc.1, CAJC & Club Junior CC


26. november 2011.

Sim-Son’s Avokado „Bosco”

(Genie Rocco Braunkönigin x Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate)

Bosco is 5 years old in one week, groomed by me.

Million thanks to his owner, Sándor Tély for the perfect care of this lovely boy!

Francy & Bosco & Panni


20. november 2011.

San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy” in her short clip,

going to be 4 years old on the 30th of november.


more photos at her gallery


19. november 2011.

International show in Nitra, Slovakia

Judge: Robert Ennis, USA

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc.1, CAJC

Clara won the class in competition!

Grateful thanks to Magdaléna Novák who has shown our girl!!


5-6. november 2011.

Speciality show (KPaCHP) and International show in Prague, Czech Republic

Judge: Mr. Jean Blangino (France)

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

first day at the club show – club junior CC & #3 best junior female

second day at the CACIB show – CAJC (junior CC)

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” was entered for the first day in honour class

finally was the #1 best honour class female of the speciality show

Dear Magda, thank you for the nice time what we could spend together in Prague. Many-many thanks for ALL!!!


Some new pictures of „our poodles” in october :-)

Dear Katarína and Gabriella, million thanks for all to You and Your Families!!


Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo” who lives in Slovakia with Katarína Procházková and her kind family.


Sim-Son’s Cálvin „Gubanc” who lives in Germany with Gabriella Meggyesi and her lovely family.


My lovely young girl, Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”


… and my beloved San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy”.

On the 15th of october we took some really very nice photos. More than grateful thanks to Veronika Nátly who is such a professional poodle groomer!

Francy is 4 years old. After it we cut down her long coat.

At her gallery you can find more pictures


1st of october 2011.

CACIB Komárom, Hungary

Breed judge: Mrs. Marika Bánhidi (Hungary)

Group judge: Jean Blangino (France)

San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy”

exc. 1,  CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed

„Best Poodle”

#3 Groupwinner

more pictures

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc. 1, Junoir CC (HPJ)


Joker Poodle Club Speciality

Judge: Radvánszky Katalin

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

exc. 1, Junior CC (HPJ), Best Junior


Clara became Junior Champion of Hungary!

more pictures


6. August 2011.

CAC Pápa, Hungary

Judge: Béla Deres, Hungary/Switzerland


Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni”

Exc.1, veteran CAC, best veteran

#3 Veteran Best in Show!




San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy”

Exc.1, CAC-BOS (among white/black/brown)


Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

Exc.1, HPJ, best junior

(no wait for the junior bis)


24. July 2011.

CACIB Velká Ida, Slovakia


Breed judge: Mrs. Patrícia Dankova

Group judge: Mrs. Brigitte Bregenzer, Austria

Best of Day judge: Mr. Péter Harsányi, Hungary


San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy”

Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed





Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior


Many thanks to the judges that Francy could be the best dog of the show!!!


2. July 2011.

Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie” – she is after puppies in age of 4,5.

Magda, thank you!! :)

More pictures here


11. June 2011.

International show in Komárom, Hungary

Judge: Mr. Gyula Sárközy

San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy”

CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed

Among the best 6 in the group, Best Poodle

(more pictures here)


29. May 2011.

International All breeds Show in Hungary, Székesfehérvár

Breed judge: Dr. Levente Miklós (H)

Puppy BIS judge: Mrs. Jánosné Balázsovits (H)

Veteran BIS judge: Mrs. Viera Staviarska (SK)

Grandmother and granddaughter had a great day :-)

Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni” became #3 VETERAN BIS (all breeds)

(more photos)

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” was in huge and excellent competition #3 PUPPY BIS (all breeds)

(more photos)

Big thanks to the judges!


21. May 2011.

Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo” became an official therapeut dog!

Congratulations to the happy owner,  Katarína Procházková!! We are so proud! Good luck on Zozo’s new way!



May 2011.

Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo” is 2,5 years old

(EUW’07&10 Karnaval s Tsvetochnoi Poljany x Ch. Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate)

Dear Katarína and Your Kind Family, thanks for all!!!


24. April 2011.

Hungarian Poodle Club Speciality

Judge: Dominican Shalata (UA)

Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni” first time out in veteran class.

Panni is in perfect condition and has excellent colour in this age. She was not only veteran clubwinner, the judge gave her the BEST OF BREED title in the black miniature variety!!! I am so proud. In the veteran BIS program she ended as the second Best Veteran Poodle of the Show.



(more pictures here)

(photos Monika Halmi and Dorka Kun)

Panni’s granddaughter, Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” had the very first time in the show ring. She is now 6 months and did such professional work. Was so happy to run and fly in the ring. She is also a very great mover, enjoyable to be her handler. So Clara got the „very promising” title and ended as the second Best Puppy Poodle of the Show.

(more pictures here)

(photos by Monika Halmi and Dorka Kun)

Mr. Shalata gave both females perfect descriptions and a lot of kind words. Thanks to him for All!


16. April 2011.

In few days she is already 6 months…

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”


10. April 2011.

Sim-Son’s Cádiz

Grateful thanks to the owners, Anna, Balázs and his mother!!!


4. March 2011.

San-Jo-Le’s Francesca „Francy” is confirmed INTERCHAMPION by the FCI.


Let me introduce our new family member, Clara!

She is out of my own bred female – Ch. Sim-Son’s Anarchia and out of the exceptional brown male – EUW’08 Bazaar’s Starring Moravia

Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

(pictured at the age of 4 months - 26. February 2011.)

Magda and David, THANKS FOR ALL!


29. January 2011.

3 generations meeting :-))

Multich. Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate as the grandmother

Multich. Sim-Son’s Anarchia as the mother

Brilliant Audrey & Bright Claire Anarchia the babies


16. January 2011.

New dreamy pictures of Francy

You can find them in her GALLERY

Many THANKS to Veronika Nátly for her grooming help!!!



January 2011.


Bright Claire & Brilliant Audrey


11,5 weeks old



2. January 2011.

Sim-Son’s Cálvin „Gubanc”