10-11th of December 2016

Double International Show in Wels, Austria

judges: 1st day: Mrs. Doris Payerl (A), 2nd day: Mr. Jean-Francois Vanaken (BE)


first day:

Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, #1 best female in breed


second day:

Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, #2 best female in breed


3-4th of December 2016

Double International Show in Nitra, Slovakia

judges: 1st day: Mr Laurent Heinesche (LU), 2nd day: Mr Jussi Liimatainen (FI)


first day:

Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, #1 best female in breed

(2,5 years old)


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB, #2 best female in breed


second day:

Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”


(3,5 years old)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB, #2 best female in breed


7-8-9th of October 2016

3xCACIB show in Komárom, Hungary

judges: Dagmar Klein (RO), Marco Marabotto (I), Iris Urscitz (A)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

Has finished two champion titles durint the long weekend...



8th of October 2016

Speciality show in Komárom, Hungary

judge: Mrs. Ibolya Kiss (H)


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr”

HPJ (Junior CC) & Best of Breed


Egoist Press Anarchia „Ego”

very promising baby & #2 baby BIS


25th of September 2016

Speciality show in Nivelle, Belgium

judge: Mrs. Marlene Carter (UK)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” has finished her BELGIAN CHAMPION title!!

She got CAC & BOS …

Congratulations, dear Hanna!


4th of September 2016

Speciality show in Konopiste, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Renata Smyckova (CZ)


Dancing Dee Dee Anarchia

Won the puppy class in competition!

Congratulations to the owner, Jana Hyrmanová!


6,5 months old – groomed by Magdaléna Nováková


28th of August 2016

National show in Velence, Hungary

breed judge: Mr. Gyula Sárközy (H)

group judge: Mrs. Brigitte Kremser (SI)


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr” continued his shows in junior class…

… he did a perfect job again!

exc.1, HPJ (Junior CC), Best of Breed…

… in the finals best poodle & res.BEST IN GROUP!!

10, 5 months old


27th of August 2016

National Show in Backamo, Sweden

judge: the breed specialist Mrs. Kerstin Nilsson (S)


Sim-Son’s Filigran „Flisan” at her first show did it so good…

… she is only 10 months old

exc.1, best female, CAC and BEST OF BREED!!



Congratulations to the owner, Mona Kjernhom, to the handler, Annika Gripencreutz and to the groomer Anna Johansson!!!


27th of August 2016

European Dog Show in Brussels, Belgium

judge: Mr. Khomasurindze R. (RUS)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

exc.2. in champion class


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

exc.3. in open class


Carbon Oliver Anarchia „Oliver”

exc.4. in open class


Congrats to the owners, Dagmar Francova & Lenka Smiskova & Ilse Vermeiren…

… and to the professional groomer & handlers, Magdaléna Nováková & Anna Nováková!! :)


17th of July 2016

National show in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Petra Plisková Ulrichová (SK)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

#1 best female & best of breed!!


Congratulations to the great debut of Dancing Dee Dee Anarchia

5 months old brown medium female and the judge liked her movement the most! Wow!!


3rd of July 2016

National show in Herend, Hungary

judges: Mrs. Linda Volariková (SK) & Mr. Pance Damaski (MK)


Show debut for our sweet and exceptional boy, Sim-Son’s Fontaine „Fifi”

… he visited a dogshow first time and behaved more than perfect…

… got the „very promising” title and was shortlisted among the best 6 in a very huge competition of puppies!!


Thank you so much to Fifi’s dear owners!!



19th of June 2016

Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

professional grooming by Magdaléna Nováková


18th of June 2016

Breeder meeting in Prague :)

We spent a beautiful day together, believe we can repeat it minimum once a year!! :)


Anke Taubitz-Münchow – Anke’s Aristodogs poodles

Magdaléna Nováková – Anarchia poodles

… and me, Szimona Ulrich – Sim-Son’s poodles


4th of June 2016

Speciality Poodle Show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: the very kind specialist, Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen (DK) – kennel Jouet


It was a very happy and memorable day for me as breeder & groomer & handler…

Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr” in age of 8 months won over all..., over more than 60 poodles.




(more pictures here)


I think this is something very special for a breeder.

I would like to say million thanks to Benczúr’s owners who give me the chance to show this really top quality boy!


4th of June 2016

Speciality Poodle Show in Czech Republic

judge: Mrs. Ute Eberhard (D)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

ended as best female in breed – BOS


28th of May 2016

Internation show in Leszno, Poland

Contessa Victoria Anarchia „Tora” accomplished the INTERCHAMPION title!!

Also ended as best of breed by Mrs. Tatjana Urek (SLO)


Congratulations to the happy owner, Silvie Hosnedlová and breeder, Magdaléna Nováková!!

Tora is after Intch. Sim-Son’s Anarchia & Intch. Shining Sun s Tsvetochnoi Poljany

(here 2 years old – June 2015)


14-15-16 May 2016

3xInternational Show in Szilvásvárad, Hungary

judges: Mrs Tatjana Urek (SLO), Mrs Vija Klucniece (LV), Mr Cristian Stefanescu (RO)


During the three days we showed four of our poodles.

The two youngsters, Sim-Son’s Faraon & Sim-Son’s Fernanda got the very promising puppy title in their classes


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie” was best female in breed all three days.

On the first day also BEST OF BREED and on the second day also got the Crufts Qualification’17 title.

Charlie is from now CHAMPION OF HUNGARY!!

(Charlie 3 years old)


The guest of kennel Anarchia, Joseph von Anke’s Aristodogs „Seppel” all three days ended as the 2nd best male in breed.

Seppel is now also CHAMPION OF HUNGARY!!

(Seppel 4 years old)


6th & 7th of May 2016

VDH Europasieger & Internation Shows in Dortmund, Germany

judges: Ms. Doris Kühn & Liane Kubbe (D)


Sim-Son’s Epressa „Emma”

Achieved 5xCAC titles during the two days….

… and got really wonderful descriptions from the judges!

I am so proud of you both, Emma and Hanna!! Thank you!



1st of May 2016

International show in Prague, Czech Republic

judge: Mr. Nils-Arne Törnlöv (S)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

Best female in breed – CAC & CACIB & BOS

BOS & BOB & BOJ winners


Congratulations to Anna Nováková!!

In huge competition both days placed in the junior handling competition.


17th of April 2016

National show in Maubeuge, France

judge: Ms P.E. Richard Douma (F)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

Won in competition and became #1 best bitch in breed (white/black/brown)!

exc.1, CAC, BOS

22 months old


10th of April 2016

Belgian Royal Poodle Club's "selectie" & "Young Poodle Parade" in Nivelles, Belgium

judges: August Dewilde, Liliane De Ridder Onghena and Dirk Spruyt


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”

Best in Show 2nd place!!

… and also passed the exam under the committee of the Beligan Poodle Club!

Congratulations to the happy and proud owner, Hanna Mahmoud!

22 months old


10th of April 2016

National show in Ostrava, Czech Republic

judges: Jaroslav Matyas (SK) & Otakar Vondrus (CZ)


Curly Carly Anarchia „Charlie”

In huge competition BEST OF BREED and in the final #1BEST IN GROUP!!!!

almost 3 years old


Anna Nováková on the top as well ;-)

She got the 1st place with Joseph von Anke’s Aristodogs in the junior handling competition!


Congratulations girls, Magda and Anicka!!! :)



19-20th of March 2016

National & International show in Montlucon, France

judges: Mr Tomas Kucera (CZ) & Mr Georg Walther (D)


Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma” did an excellent job with her happy owner, Hanna Mahmoud

Emma got very nice critics both days and won 2xCAC & reserve CACIB titles in a huge competition.

So no wonder she is from now new CHAMPION OF FRANCE!! :)

Congratulations Hanna!! So happy with you!!


21st of February 2016

International show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mrs. Ágnes Ganami Kertes (IL)


Sim-Son’s Fernanda „Ferni”

very promising baby

Best baby in breed


20th of February 2016

Joker Poodle Club speciality show in Budapest, Hungary

judge: Mr. András Korózs (H)


Sim-Son’s Faraon „Benczúr”

very promising baby

res.BABY BIS of the show


6th of February 2016

International show in Brno, Czech Republic

judge: Mr. Vitaliy Belskyy (UA)


Sim-Son’s Elsa in Black „Elsie”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Best female in breed in huge competition!!

Crufts qualification for 2017!

(20 months old)

Thank you so much for all Magda and Dása!!


31th of January 2016

International show in Mouscron, Belgium

judge: Mr. Cassandre Mattera (F)


 Sim-Son’s Dahab

exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Best of Breed


Best poodle of the day and finally 3rd best in group!!!


Carbon Oliver Anarchia „Oliver”

exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

2,5 years old


Congratulations to you dear Magda & Ilse!! :)


Puppies, puppies and puppies recently….

Our last „F” puppies are leaving us to their new families during January 2016…

…. And soon we are expecting another litter in kennel Anarchia.

Sim-Son’s Filigran „Flisan”