Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo”

black miniature male

dob: 9. december 2008.

died: 27th of january 2016

There happened a tragical and awful act. In the area where he lived there were poisoned more dogs by some food. He was one of the victims…

43 cm

prcd-PRA „?”

(after „B”x”A” parents)

wonderful boy but sadly several p2 missings

Picture pedigree


Szimóna Ulrich

Kennel „Sim-Son’s”, Hungary


Mrs. Katarína Procházková, Slovakia




official therapeut dog from the 21th of May 2011. We are so proud!!!

very promising baby (Nitra speciality show ’09)


almost 3 years old

2,5 years old

almost 2 years old


1,5 years old

6 months old


almost 5 months old (with her mother, Panni)

(Zozo & Balthasar)

4,5 months old


3,5 months old


11,5 weeks old




9,5 weeks old


7,5 weeks old