My passion about poodles has started at my age of five. I got my first POODLE from my parents in 1991. She was a white dwarf bitch, Lilla. Apart of the fact that she had some champions on her pedigree we have never planned to breed or take her to dog shows. She was our beloved pet. Unfortunately she passed away at her age of 11 years after many healthy problems. I definitely wanted to have another POODLE.

My second poodle, my first black miniature poodle stepped into my life in 2003. I was thinking about more varieties of poodles - to have a black dwarf or a miniature in black or in apricot colour, or maybe a black standard… I am very grateful as finally I have chosen the BLACK MINIATURE. I didn’t have any seriuos show or breeding plans, I just wanted to have a new dog. The breeder of my new poodle, Anita Bíró recommended us to try a dog show. I said why not, we tried it and than slowly I became more and more interested and enthusiastic in this exceptional hobby. The name of my poodle was Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni”. I don’t carry too far if I say she was a real quality one. I believe she had the right elegant and proud charisma what is necessary by the breed. The head always up, never seemed lazy, never any mistake with her steps, very cocksure and aristocratic. She gave this attitude for her offsprings as well, but sadly mostly she produced males, just one female stayed after her in the future breeding. Panni was a very healthy dog without any trouble during her life, also got excellent health test results. After her tenth birthday she passed away so sudden. She got some cancer which didn’t allow more than a couple of months.

Panni’s first born puppy was Sim-Son’s Anarchia „Archie”, year 2006. This girl moved to Prague, Czech Republic. The very lucky and happy owner is our dear friend, Magdaléna Nováková. Magda was the same beginner and has started the shows and breeding in this time. In first place she also wanted to have just a great family dog, but tried the shows and continued. Archie also became a successful showdog. She has an extremly friendly character and so good with other dogs, always kind and patient. Archie was bred twice and produced great puppies. Almost all of them follows the way at shows and in breeding.

I am a lucky person as I could get to know two fantastic peopleKatarina and János Balog. Thanks to them I had the chance in my life to visit a national poodle show in Sweden. Here I met the legendary Saisonelle Master Class. This boy was sticking out even in his short clip. No wonder later I brought home one of her daugthersSan-Jo-Le’s FrancescaFrancy. She is my second black miniature. Francy’s beauty to the breed standard is very high, she is such a quality miniature poodlenever wish better coat quality, perfect bodystructure, so stands always perfect, wonderful on move. We achieved many dreamy results at the dog shows. The destiny is not countable. After Francy there is also just one female offspring, Sim-Son’s Dahab who became Magdaléna Nováková’s second poodle. :) Year is 2012… Before this litter I asked a puppy from Magda from Archie’s first litter (2010). So I became the happy and proud owner of Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara. Clara is a very, very easy-going poodle. I am really lucky to have her.

Year 2014 has given us the fourth generation. Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara” had five absolutely correct and show quality puppies in her first litter. Two of them follow the shows and breeding in the futureSim-Son’s Elsa in BlackElsie” & Sim-Son’s Espressa „Emma”. Here I would like to mention an exceptional person, Anke Taubitz. She is the breeder and owner of the fathers of our Sim-Son’s „D” & „E” litters. Rarely we can know such honest person.


Our story is not about these short parts only. On my page you will find many other infos about our poodles, owners, litters, etcIf you are interested in our breeding feel free to contact us.

We would like to be a great team, to try our best  in the poodle breeding, grooming and showing. We love to spend our free time together.

To be continued


Szimóna Ulrich, August 2015